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COVID - 19 Protocol For Elective Surgery

All members of the surgical team are tested for Covid-19 routinely using the latest PCR nasopharyngeal swab specimen.

All patients 60 years of age and older are tested preoperatively. (Depending on the availability of the test and the penetrance of the virus into the population, this requirement can be extended to all preop patients in the future.)

Any person testing positive is started on hydroxycholoquinine and self-quarantined until a follow-up test is negative. The Board of Health is notified so that contact tracing can be implemented. Surgery is delayed until the patient and all contacts are shown to be negative.

No one is allowed in the surgical suite who tests positive. This includes the preop and postop areas. Mask use and hand-washing need to be observed by the family and staff along with social distancing.

This protocol will create a safe environment for the patients and the staff with less disruption of surgical scheduling and staffing. Hydroxychloroquine has been shown to markedly decrease the seeding of the virus so that patients, staff, and family can quickly go from a positive to a negative test (possibly in less than a week). HCQ is a very safe medicine and is well tolerated especially in short courses.

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